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White Narco

White Narco

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Gonzo Seeds made it possible for this hybrid strain to be borne by crossing White Kush and Narcoberry. White Kush is an Indica strain with THC that may start low and rocket as high as 29%. Narcoberry is from the same breeder, and it is the flagship bearer that is most loved by medical marijuana patients.

White Narco produces poly hybrids so it can provide both Sativa and Indica. It’s a tough plant in terms of growth, and it offers strong effects. It grows buds with ample of resin.

Flavor and Effects of White Narco

The flavor is gas and sour mixture. It will create giggles from a cerebral high that enhances creativity and mood. When the head high subsides, the physical buzz will take its place. You will be taken to a dreamy comfort as it provides deep relaxation.

Medical Benefits of White Narco

It enhances appetite so you will be in an active eating habit. It uplifts mood so it can eliminate restless symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and other issues connected with mental health. It ditches any kind of pain or aches, as well as inflammation. Falling asleep would be easy, so you can say goodbye to insomnia for good.

Negative Effects of White Narco

Red, irritated eyes and dry mouth are common side effects. It will get worse into pronounced ones if you overdose as it is a very potent strain.

Growing White Narco

Let it grow in an indoor and outdoor plantation with the right supervision. Supply your grow tent or room with the right pieces of equipment for the lighting system and ventilation. The plants should be protected from harmful environmental factors.

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