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White Goji OG

White Goji OG

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The White Goji OG strain is a sativa dominant variety created by Riot Seeds. It is a cross between the Goji OG strain and the White Dawg strain. The buds are distinctive because of their pink to purple tints, despite the name, with a heavy coating of crystal trichomes and sticky, sweet resin.

Flavor and Effects of White Goji OG

Thanks to its parental lineage, this strain has one of the most delicious flavor combinations in the world of cannabis. It tastes sweet like berries and tropical fruits with undertones of pine and woody. The effects of this strain are very potent, and you can experience a full-body high within seconds. While your mind soars to new heights and fills you with motivation and creativity, your body is pulled down to a relaxed and calm state. On the comedown, you will further be lulled into a trance and finally to deep, relaxing sleep.

What are the medicinal benefits of White Goji OG

This strain is great for patients who need a distraction from depression, stress, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Patients who are also struggling to get a good night’s sleep will love this highly potent strain.

Negative Effects of White Goji OG

This strain provides a wicked high that can become overwhelming to people with lower tolerance levels. It is important to use this weed in moderation; otherwise, you are prone to an increased level of anxiety, paranoia, and panic, especially during the initial hit.

Growing White Goji OG

This plant can grow indoors, outdoors, and in controlled environments like greenhouses. They grow to an average to a tall height that would require growers to provide support to their colas to allow the plant to reach their full potential. Other than that, this strain is relatively easy to grow.

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