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White Berry

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It has different variations of phenotypes which are mostly heavily branched conic specimens. This strain is Sativa dominant strain which sometimes is kept long to reproduce another type strain known as €œTora Bud monster€ strain by not necessarily cross-breeding. It has a planting period of 65 to 75 days and is best consumed during the day time for maximum satisfactory experience.

The cross-breeding of Trainwreck hybrid, (Arcata Lemon Wreck) with Cinderella 99, will produce White Berry. It has a Genetic descent and was first bred by Happ-Days Farms of Mendocino count. It has an old classic sour diesel, sweet and lemony aromas which is very rear of any strain and it needs an airproof storage formula to prevent the growth of mould on it after harvesting. Created in the Netherlands by Passion Dutch, this strain has a great medicinal effect. This strain also has different variations of skunk family and Its buds have hues of orange hairs with yellow, green with candy-like pink hairs underneath.

Flavor and Effects of the White Berry
The sedative effect is expected after a great dose and has a euphoric, uplifting, relaxing, energizing, happy, and soothing effect and it is very helpful in enhancing concentration while leaving you motivated to face any moody conditions of the day. The White Berry strain has a sweet, fruity, grape and berry flavours.

Medical Benefits of the White Berry
Patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder, loss of appetite, inflammation, and anxiety will find refugee in this strain. This strain is used by people who suffer from chronic depression and stress. It is very effective in the management of chronic pain and vomiting.

Negative Effects of the White Berry
Abuse of this strain might lead to paralysis. This hybrid strain will have the following negative effect on you; insomnia, dry-itchy eyes, headache, dry mouth, sleeplessness, paranoia, and dizziness.

Growing White Berry
This strain requires good lighting and normal to average humidity and soil pH-level For best growth. Daily check to see the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals which reduces the maximum yield of this strain. Fertilizer application can also be used to achieve the maximum yield of this strain.