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West Coast Dawg Aka WCD

West Coast Dawg(Aka: WCD)

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Made with Chemdawg genetics, the West Coast Dawg is one mysterious cannabis strain. Though it carries strong potency, this strain is also equipped with strong Indica effects. When the Chemdawg genetics was combined with the Humboldt, this strain is powered with a relatively high 22 percent THC that can also provide night time effects that will satisfy you for a few long hours.

Flavor and Effects of West Coast Dawg

The West Coast Dawg comes with a delicious flavor profile, manifesting the tastes of pine, diesel, and lemon, with some unique floral undertones. Once you smoke this strain, you will instantly get hit with a euphoric cerebral high to make you feel happy and aroused. Eventually, you will also feel extremely relaxed €“ with effects that can numb your entire body and bring you to the ultimate couch lock.

Medical Benefits of West Coast Dawg

With its strong effects, the West Coast Dawg can support medical cannabis patients that struggle with the loss of appetite, anorexia, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Negative Effects of West Coast Dawg

There are some users who report experiencing dry mouth, dry eyes, and headaches when they take West Coast Dawg. Some rare reports show that they felt sleepy and tingly, as well.

Growing West Coast Dawg

When the West Coast Dawg matures, the cultivators will witness some dark green nugs shaped like popcorn. It will be decorated with hairs that are amber in color and trichomes that are sparkling like crystals. The West Coast Dawg thrives when grown in outdoor settings and under the best conditions. When cared for carefully, this strain will produce generous amounts of yield.

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