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Carrying a huge percentage of Indica genetics, Wepa is a 70/30 cannabis hybrid. Made from crossing Whooody and Platinum OG Kush, this strain promises the ultimate relaxation that can hit you like a freight train.

As it grows, you can expect beautiful colors of lime green and purple, complemented by heavily frosted trichomes. It is a short but stout plant that you can grow anywhere €“ whether indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Wepa!

Upon encountering Wepa!, you will immediately smell the mixture of nail polish remover, wax, and rum punch. But, once you try smoking it, the flavors that will hit you will be a blend of berry, pine, and rum.

After a few hits, Wepa can bring the user to feeling euphoric and carefree. This makes this strain the perfect companion for the afternoons when you need to unwind or for evening relaxation sessions.

Medical Benefits of Wepa!

Medical users can expect to feel anxiety relief after they take part in some Wepa!. It is also commonly used for helping people with depression, sleeping problems, and in need of pain relief.

Negative Effects of Wepa!

In some cases, Wepa! Users report feeling lethargic €“ or experiencing a body effect that is so strong that the user is lost to a couch-lock.

Growing Wepa!

Relatively easy to cultivate, a Wepa! The plant has a flowering period of 60 days, more or less. It is a heavy producer of leaves, so it is recommended that cultivators defoliate them early on and once more after two weeks into the flowering period. Practicing some plant training techniques can improve yields and create healthier buds.