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Wedding Sunset

Wedding Sunset

Imagine a beautiful sunset as your most important day ends. Isn’t it an absolute delight Wedding Sunset is a strain that can offer you a similar experience – somewhat transporting you to the ultimate mood boost and relaxation. Made from the combination of the Wedding Cake and the Sherb Crasher (Sunset Sherbert and Wedding Crasher), this strain is equipped with an amazing genetic profile €“ hinting the delight that is to come.

Flavor and Effects of Wedding Sunset

When you feel that you are ready to try out this strain, prepare for a flavor adventure through the mix of something citrusy meeting something sweet, including some hints of something pungent and earthy after.

Once consumed, users can expect some mental stimulation that meets a strong body buzz. This makes the Wedding Sunset ideal for the evenings when you want to relax after a long and busy day. Aside from the feeling of general happiness, you will also be free to enjoy an uplifting and euphoric mood. Some users also report having the craving to socialize or to express their creative juices.

Medical Benefits of Wedding Sunset

This strain is not just for recreation and offers true value to medical patients. You can use the Wedding Sunset for relief against anxiety, depression, and stress. Moreover, this strain can be taken to get relief from headaches, cramps, and other types of pain concerns.

Negative Effects of Wedding Sunset

Some possible negative effects you might encounter are dry eyes and dry mouth. Also, on rare occasions, some users report feeling anxious when under the influence of this strain.

Growing Wedding Sunset

This product, created by Seed Junky Genetics, can reward its cultivators with beautiful and potent buds after about ten weeks of the flowering stage. Caring for them from seed or clone until the flowering stage is generally easy to accomplish, even with little experience. They can be raised in indoor grow rooms or outdoors €“ as long as you take note of the temperature.