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Weapon X

Weapon X

It was born through the combination of Bitch Slap and Race Fuel OG. It was all the idea of Dark Horse Genetics. Bitch Slap is well-known to many marijuana cultivators because of the deep taproot. Both of them created a variety that can give you Sativa and Indica traits and effects.

It has an average potency that newbies can try. You can smoke this weed at any time of the day.

Flavor and Effects of Weapon X

The flavor is a combination of spices, diesel, nuttiness, and earthiness. The euphoria that it brings can soothe your whole body as it makes you more productive and creative. It enhances a person’s focus and mood. It can get rid of unwanted things like pain and a bad mood.

Medical Benefits of Weapon X

It can help individuals whose system is infected with HIV. It provides temporary relief for mental disorder and any type of pain even though how chronic and deep-seated it is. It calms your body so you can fall asleep easily, so insomnia will be gone.

Negative Effects of Weapon X

Dry, itchy eyes and dry mouth are the usual adverse effects. To avoid more of them like headache, dizziness, and paranoia, you have to be mindful about your dosage and amount that you consume.

Growing Weapon

You have to water and feed the plants properly. During the dry season, you can water it often, but be careful about root rot. Know the type of nutrients that every growing stage requires so you can ensure that you will have an abundant harvest.