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Watermelon WaWa

Watermelon WaWa

It is a hybrid strain created by Lost River Seeds. It was born from the blend of Watermelon Zkittlez and Face-off OG. You can get phenotypes from both varieties, Sativa and Indica. They produce nugs that as big as golf balls in attractive colors of pink and purple.

You can expect the massive trichome production on all phenotypes. The buds are solid hard, so you must have a grinder for this weed.

Flavor and Effects of Watermelon WaWa

The elements on the flavor of this strain are tropical taste, fruits, and watermelon. It has a powerful high as it has the effects that can put a heavyweight on your head. So make sure you have the tolerance for taking it. It will also make you feel relaxed at the end that you can’t maintain focus.

Medical Benefits of Watermelon WaWa

It works as an effective analgesic as it can relieve the user from any pain, even how deep-seated it is. It also gets rid of the symptoms of mental ailments like stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Watermelon WaWa

Cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes are the usual side effects which you can combat by drinking plenty of water or fluids. Make sure you have the tolerance to handle this weed as you might experience dizziness, paranoia, and other pronounced adverse effects.

Growing Watermelon WaWa

You can cultivate this marijuana plant everywhere as well as through hydroponics, soil, and growing medium like coco coir. The main nutrients that it needs are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.