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It would be enticing to smell this weed as it is like a fruit juice. It was created by The NugLabs from working on a three-way cross between Afghani, NYCD, and Chemdawg IBL. It yields sticky, resinous buds that can showcase an attractive bag appeal even though they turn dry. This weed promises you of a frosty production of dense buds even though it’s Sativa variety.

This marijuana plant adapts well with New England’s dry climate. So growers in the said area cultivate it outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Flavor and Effects of WarDog

You will get a fuel or diesel taste when puffing this weed, but there’s a twist on the aftertaste as you will get fruity essence. The onset of the effects is on the cerebral side as you will get caught by euphoria and feel elated. It can give you a good mood, a boost in creativity and social skills.

Medical Benefits of WarDog

Individuals who are suffering from turbulent emotions from stress, depression, and anxiety can receive temporary relief from this weed. It works on stabilizing your stomach so there will be no nausea or vomiting and gastrointestinal problems.

Negative Effects of WarDog

Smoking weed would give you dry, irritated eyes and dry mouth. Drink plenty of water or fluids to combat them. To avoid pronounced adverse effects, don’t overdose. You may have dizziness, headache, paranoia, and slight anxiety.

Growing WarDog

It can adapt indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. It is highly resistant to molds, but it’s still necessary to monitor the plants regularly. It’s important, so if there are issues, you can apply the right solution. Feed and water them properly to avoid further damage.