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Viper Haze

Viper Haze

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The wonderfully stable of Grape Kush was mixed with a luscious Super Lemon Haze in creating Viper Haze. It is an Indica dominant strain that is filled with a tastiness of fruits. It has effects that are great for beginners and veteran consumers alike. Everyone will love its fun but relaxing effect as it can be consumed in the late afternoon and in the evening.

It was bred by Moxie 710, which is known for breeding varieties that are great for extraction. Viper Haze is not an exemption to be perfect for your dry sift and bubble hash.

Flavor and Effects of Viper Haze

The prominent factor in the flavor of Viper Haze is citrus, which will clearly bring the tastiness on your tongue. You will be stunned with its fruity melange, so you would keep coming back for more. You won’t only love its flavor but will be enticed by its fun effects from its Sativa part. It’s also relaxing, so it’s a great smoke at the end of the day.

Medical Benefits of Viper Haze

It has a relaxing effect that can soothe any type of pain and ache and even tumultuous symptoms from mental illness. You can also consume this to let sleep set in easily, and you will no longer suffer from insomnia.

Negative Effects of Viper Haze

Dehydration is the basic side effects of marijuana as it can give users dry mouth and dry eyes. Avoid overdosing as headaches, dizziness, and paranoia can happen.

Growing Viper Haze

It is a well-branched Cannabis plant, and it has good resistance to many harmful factors like humidity. It grows into a big, heavy bush that yields heavy production of spongy flowers shrouded with trichomes.

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