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Violator Kush

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Carbon filters, a form of fertilizer is used to enhance the maximum yield of this strain. With its different variations of phenotypes, which are mostly heavily branched specimens, this cannabis has a long sized stem making it ideal to be grown both indoors and out which makes it all-weather resistant. This strain has only one available feminized seed and has nostalgic High haze smell blended with sticky, thick and resinous texture.

This strain has great medicinal potent because of its Sativa dominant nature and was created by cross-breeding Kush ( a Sativa dominant Hybrid) with Skunk #14 ( an Indica dominant). This strain has hues of light greenish and purplish with orange hairs which has crystal tipped-trichomes underneath. The breaking open of this strain will give off skunk scents with creamy smoke finishings when combusted making it perfect for your satisfaction.

Flavor and Effects of the Violator Kush

This strain has a euphoric effect and at the same time, helps in enhancing maximum concentration. expect sedative effects after a long dose. It has a vanilla and berry flavours which makes it delightful for either smoking or vaping. It is known for its energizing, happy, relaxing, and uplifting effect making you forget all bodily and mood-related illnesses.

Medical Benefits of the Violator Kush

This hybrid is known to be very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, Asthma, pain, vomiting, anxiety, and movement disorder. It is also helpful in the management of; Auto-immune diseases and depression. People suffering from low sperm count, low sex life and erectile dysfunction will find this stain very valuable.

Negative Effects of Violator Kush

It can cause dry mouth and dizziness. increased use of this strain can lead to the following ill health; headache, dry-itchy eyes, fever, high blood, chronic anxiety, mild to severe paralysis, and Sleeplessness.

Growing the Violator Kush

Starting from the first to fourth week of growing this strain watering should be done at least thrice a day to ensure that the soil is not too arid. Fertilizer applications can also be used to achieve the maximum yield of this marijuana strain. This hybrid strain grows very fast. For those planning to grow this strain for the first time, they can seek assistance from their friends who have planted this type of strain before.

Weeding can be done twice a month to remove unwanted plants from the garden of this strain if grown outdoors. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on soil fertility. This cannabis requires good lighting and normal to average humidity and soil pH-level. For optimal growth. Proper attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals, which reduce the maximum growth and yield of this strain.