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Velvet Krush

Velvet Krush

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Bred by DJ Short Seeds, Velvet Krush is a cross between FXW #4 and Blueberry F4. It is part of the limited release strains under the Blue Line of seeds. It emits an aroma of tropical melons, musk berries, spices, flowers, and candies all mixed up in a delightful way. It grows dense and dark flowers. A variety of round and some spear-shaped buds appear with hues of the purple, blue, red, yellow, and green rainbow through the finished flower.

Flavor and Effects of Velvet Krush

Velvet Krush is a flavorful concoction of Kush, flowers, and candies with hints of grapes, musk, tang, and citrus.

Its moderate cerebral high brings you in a state of euphoria and happiness. Its potent body high will make you at ease and completely relaxed. Long-lasting, it is ideally used in the evening time.

Medical Benefits of Velvet Krush

Medically speaking, Velvet Krush is an analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, stimulant, and relaxant. It is good for people who suffer from pain, anxiety, stress, depression, spasms, eye pressure, nausea, insomnia, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Velvet Krush.

Just like any other marijuana strain, Velvet Krush present with side effects such as dry, itchy eyes, and dry mouth. Drinking lots of fluids will taper down the reactions. It is also advised to use an eye moisturizer to soothe those irritated eyes.

Anxiety, dizzy spells it is, and worse, paranoia may happen. Novices who have a low tolerance to the strain should be cautious and avoid overconsumption. Don’t worry, this is temporary and disappears after some time.

Growing Velvet Krush

Velvet Krush are hardy plants with thick, hollow stems and a medium stretch. This plant grows both indoors and outdoors. You have to trim it when it grows uneven. Remove dead parts. Choose high-quality organic soil for planting. Plant it in an area where it can thrive freely. Check the pH of the plant. Feed it with the proper nutrients. Watch out for mold and mildew, as well as pests that can damage it.

e finished flower.

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