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Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer

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Velvet Hammer is an Indica dominant strain cultivated by Euphorium 502. It is a classic Indica strain that will leave your body in a tranquil state, healing you from any ailments.

Flavor and Effects of Velvet Hammer

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Gas, Blueberry, Pine, and Lemon. These flavors will make you hungry but at the same time, you will feel a euphoria take over your emotions. It will make you giggly but also calm and relaxed. As it uplifts your spirits, you may become a bit social and creative too.

Medical Benefits of Velvet Hammer

This strain can be used against stress, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. The blissful high will temporarily erase the negative thoughts or emotions inside your heart and mind. At the same time, it helps you regain appetite for those who may suffer from eating disorders. Since it is also calming, it strongly helps people with anxiety.

Negative Effects of Velvet Hammer

This strain can cause dryness of the eyes and mouth, much like every other cannabis strains. Consuming this strain at high dosage levels may promote laziness due to its relaxing effect. Some may also experience dizziness.

Growing Velvet Hammer

This strain prefers the Mediterranean climate much like its parental strain. It loves sunlight and enjoys basking in its warmth. It can be quite adaptable to other environmental conditions. In this case, it makes a great candidate for indoor growing so you can easily manipulate the room temperature that it grows in.

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