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Scare Crow Seeds are the ones responsible for the creation of Undertaker. It is an offspring of two potent cannabis strains named Bubba Kush and Deep Chunk. According to the breeders, it’s a rarity. It is due to its equal mind and body high despite being regarded as an Indica.

If you’re in search of an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces both mind and body high, then you should consider having Undertaker in your marijuana shelf. It is also the best during the evening.

Flavor and Effects of Undertaker

Savor the citrusy and lime flavors of Undertaker. It will deliver a euphoric sensation that will instantly elevate your mood. The said effect will soon accompany the couch-lock feeling where any actions are restricted. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to move. Then, sleep will knock you out afterward. As you sleep, your pain will be relieved by the warm sensation.

Medical Benefits of Undertaker

Undertaker can provide excellent assistance to people who have depression, stress, and chronic body pains like muscle spasms and tensions, migraine, fatigue, and other persisting aches.

Negative Effects of Undertaker

People who are prone to panic and have anxiety attacks should steer clear away from using Undertaker. The most usual to occur is dry mouth and eyes.

Growing Undertaker

Undertaker’s medium height makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. Still, that should not prevent you from having it outdoors. It has a natural growth requirement that will not stress the life out of you because it can resist destructive forces that can survive in any environment. Hence, beginners can surely have it in their possession.

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