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The growing of this strain is very easy, and it produces a massive yield when compared with other strains. Carbonated filters can be used to improve the yield of this strain. With its different variations of phenotypes, which are mostly heavy branched conic specimen, its leaf has hues of green, yellow with pink hairs underneath its leaf

This strain was created by cross-breeding Orange Valley OG with Cookies Cream and comes mostly in Indica variety from its OG and Cookies Genetics. It has an Afghani descent and was first bred by Halloween Farms association, which has its headquarter in southwest ridge-line of South Florida county. The germinating stages of this strain are from 60 to 75 days and have a deep taproot which makes it resistant to the summer season, and it has crystal-like leaves. it has sticky, thick and resinous buds with white trichomes, the combustion of its buds will produce skunk smoke with an earthy smell.