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This strain is also known as TC, and It is a newly bred strain. It is an indica dominant strain that makes it have a great medicinal potent. When trimmed, its leaves are curly.

The flowers of this strain have hues of green, orange, and yellow with thick, sticky and resinous trichomes. It has a minty aroma, and it produces a creamy smoke when combusted.

Flavor and Effects of the Tropicali
You will feel hyper that will last up to 6 hours after taking this powerful strain. It is euphoric, relaxing, uplifting, and energizing effects are apparent within 5 minutes of taking this strain.
This strain has earthy, sweet, nutty, citrus, and skunk flavour.

Medical Benefits of the Tropicali
Patients suffering from a mood-related illness like seasonal and non-seasonal depression, anxiety, mild to severe stress, and panic will find solace in this strain. This strain is also very effective in the treatment of loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of the Tropicali
The Tropicali strain can lead to the following illness: dry mouth, dry-itchy eyes, dizziness, and headache due to its high THC content.

Growing the Tropicali
The growing of this strain method of this strain is difficult, and it can be grown indoors. Fertilizer application may be used to improve this strain yield. Watering is used until the strain gets to the fourth week. The stem and leaves of this strain do well if cured every week. Good lighting, good weather, and average soil ph are required for this strain to yield much produce.

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