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Tropical Tang

Tropical Tang

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The phenotypes of this strain have lavender, and its leaves have a purple undertone. This strain has an anthocyanin pigment that activates during the winter season of growing this strain. Its buds have a spade-like structure with loose and spiral leaves.

Its leaves have a greenish hue, which makes it attractive. This strain has a whitish trichome, which makes it has great medicinal potent. It has a very harshy and dank aromas. It produces a tasty, smooth smoke when combusted. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid.

Flavor and Effects of the Tropical Tang

This strain will help you stay focused and concentrated on its effects. After five to ten minutes of consuming this strain, you will begin to feel its euphoric effects all over the body. It keeps the balance of its sedating and relaxing effects. This strain will offer you an uplifting and energetic effect. It has diesel-like berry and pepper flavor.

Medical Benefits of the Tropical Tang

This strain has great medicinal effects, which will help to combat attention deficit disorders, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Patients suffering from nausea, vomiting, and insomnia will find this strain helpful.

Negative Effects of the Tropical Tang

This strain can cause the following if used in excess: sleeplessness, headache, and dry-itchy eyes.

Growing the Tropical Tang

This strain is grown indoors, and it takes up to 10 days before germinating. Water may be applied depending on the type of soil used. Good weather, good lighting, and fertilizer plays a great role in the yield of this strain. New growers should know that the growth of this strain is difficult and as such, patience is required.

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