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Thors Hammer

Thors Hammer

Thors Hammer is a hybrid cannabis strain with sativa dominant variety. The breeder from SnowHigh Seeds crosses breed the three strains which resulted in the born of its offspring. The three strains include the Vortex strain, Acapulco Gold strain, and the Cinderella 99 strain. The appearance of the strain can easily tell why the strain is called Thor’s Hammer. Basically, the cannabis strain has large buds that stick together similar to a popcorn clustering jointly. The buds are very sticky and reeking too. The leaves are in green tone with pistils in orange to the rusty color range.

Flavor and Effects of Thor’s Hammer

The Thor’s Hammer strain generates a very sweet yet sour scent and flavor with undertones of herbal aroma. The buds may give off dank and hint of skunk that is usually from the Acapulco Gold parent terpene. Initially, the strain provides an immediate rush on the cerebral and could potentially increase your production of saliva. Once your system has become used to the impacts, it will immediately jump into mind focusing behavior that grips the attention.

Medical Benefits of Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer cannabis strain is regarded as a greatly adequate and very beneficial strain in terms of assisting and treating people suffering from stress and pain. It could also deal with depressive thoughts and behavior of a person diagnosed with depression.

Negative Effects of Thor’s Hammer

It should not be surprising that the strain can generate adverse effects. It may include dizziness and anxiety which only occur when the strain is ingested abundantly. Many people reported experiencing dryness of the mouth. Just make sure to hydrate your body to regain the loss of water.

Growing Thor’s Hammer

The strain, Thor’s Hammer can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor growing areas. When you decide to cultivate outdoor,  you may need to provide an area where it can be exposed to a hot or semi-humid environment condition. You may also need an odor system like a carbon filter installation to manage and control the pungent smell of the plant.