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The Wife

The Wife

The parents of this Hybrid remain unknown. However, it will leave you with high CBD-rich effects without any sedating reaction. Its phenotypes have different arrays, of which are mostly heavy branched with resinous buds with a hue of green underneath.

The Wife, which was first bred by Terrapin Care Station, has a Cannabinoid (CBD), which makes the effects noticeable after the first exhale. It has a sour diesel aroma.

Flavor and Effects of The Wife

This strain will offer you a relaxing, euphoric, uplifting, and energizing effect. It has an earthy, sweet, nutty, blueberry, diesel, and skunk flavour. The Wife will help you stay focused and creative.

Medical Benefits of using The Wife

The Wife is used in the management of Stress, Chronic Pain, and fatigue. It is also effective in combating insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, arthritis, vomiting, migraines, and chemotherapy side effects.

Negative Effects of The Wife

The Wife strain makes you experience the following; dry-itchy eyes, development of constant fear (paranoia) and dry mouth. Due to its high THC content, The Wife strain can also cause; severe headaches, high fever, high blood, and restlessness.

Growing The Wife

The Wife strain is grown indoors, and its growth rate is rapid. Fertilizer may be applied to enhance the maximum yield of this strain if necessary. Constant monitoring of the plant is required to make sure that pests are free from the plant. To grow the Wife strain, good lighting and normal humidity are required for the best yield.