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The Forbidden Candy

The Forbidden Candy

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The Forbidden Candy is not the same as “The Forbidden Fruit,” as some people may feel confused about it. This strain is made by the Aficionado Seeds by breeding Zkittlez with the breeder’s favorite hash-making male, Royal Kush x Highland Afghani. Also, this strain is only released in Europe among private clubs.

Flavor and Effects of The Forbidden Candy

Forbidden Candy gives the candy-like flavor in lilac, lavender, and citrus touch with fuel tones. Usage of this strain will give you the effect of body-high and giving that story feeling. As this sends giggles in the body, this may drive you to mind in creative ways, body in relaxation, and to beautiful sleep.

Medical Benefits of The Forbidden Candy

This strain is like candy, which can cure our sickness like a child crying being cured by the touch of candy. This strain will give healing in the thoughts where it tones down depression and anxiousness. Also, this sends relieving aids in muscle spasms, cramps, inflammation, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of The Forbidden Candy

The negative touch of this strain is that it will dry your eyes and mouth, sends dizziness, brings mild to moderate headaches, and drives you to paranoia.

Growing The Forbidden Candy

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoor. Growers are advised to cultivate this strain in a hot and warm climate. The best method to give to the strain is the hydroponic method that will help the plants in giving great potency.

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