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The Bling

The Bling

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This high in Sativa composition in this strain will bring you a great company on the day. The Bling hybrid comes from crossing Humboldt Frost, Reserve OG, and Humboldt Gelato by Humboldt Seed Company. Given its name after the abundance of trichomes in green and purple hues along with great terpenes.

Flavor and Effects of The Bling

The Bling hybrid will give the pine, citrus, and earthy flavors in perfect combinations. Taking this strain will leave your body in the body high and increases euphoria. Increase in potent and intense effects this strain gives that will sedate the users. A strain that is also good to take for good relaxation effects.

Medical Benefits of The Bling

Anxiety, stress, and depression will be managed down by taking this strain. In relieving the pain from chronic pain and headaches, this strain is best in giving. Hence, if having trouble sleeping at night, then taking this would get you in quick sleep as it cures insomnia.

Negative Effects of The Bling

Dry eyes or irritated eyes, anxiousness, dry mouth or cottonmouth, and dizziness would be felt by consuming this strain.

Growing The Bling

Growing The Bling hybrid can be indoor or in an outdoor setting. Thus, growing this strain is best in outdoor settings as it gives the natural sunny climate that will help the strain giving its best yield, height, aroma, and flavor. Growers should give the proper amount of water but not give too much as it may kill the plant.

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