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THC Bomb

THC Bomb

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Inspired by its name is the high level of dosage of THC that will bomb the mind the body. THC Bomb is popular as it gives a high TCH level and the signature strain from Bomb Seeds. This strain is well-balanced in indica and sativa and also gives the balance effects but won’t bomb you in a complete knockout. In appearance, this strain gives the large and even covering from bright orange hairs, which are good to look at; that’s why growers love this strain (despite the tantalizing effects).

Flavor and Effects of THC Bomb

THC Bomb’s flavor is the merge tastes of sweet with the sour taste of citrus and bitter (some)herbal, earthy, and spicy tones. As this strain gives you the bomb feeling, then this is best on making your euphoria to move on another level. Hence, if it now moves to another level, then it will now introduce you in the line of happiness. And if further achieved that, then relaxation would come next as it gives you the type of relax you needed for the day. Additionally, this strain is best on giving the sleepy head more time than being active, as this tends to lure you more in sleep.

Medical Benefits of THC Bomb

This strain will send bombs to your medical conditions and would be healed by now. This strain will give the healing formula for depression. Also, this strain is best on helping you manage and toning down the level of stress until you finally break from it. Furthermore, this strain would help patients who have insomnia and barely wanted to have ; that’s now in the evening down to the day. The headache would be also solved by this strain as it sends healing patches to the pain on it.

Negative Effects of THC Bomb

Consumption of this strain will give you dry mouth and dry eyes. Occasionally, this gives headaches, dizziness, anxiousness, and paranoia for first-time users or consumers with the dosage at greater levels.

Growinga THC Bomb

Cultivation of this strain is very easy where growers are fond of growing this strain. However, certain conditions must be met for successful growing on this strain. First, this strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoor. Second, if this strain is to be grown indoors, then use the Sea of Green (SOG) method together with hydroponics set-up. Third, if growers wanted this to cultivate outdoor, then it requires a warm and sunny climate. Lastly, growing this strain base on the recommendations would give the best yields, more buds, and great in height, aroma, and flavor of the strain. Growers are advised to take those measures.