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Thai Girl

Thai Girl

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Thai Girl is supposed to be the result of seeds crossed against TresDawg by Gold King in Thai Stick. This sativa-dominant hybrid was grown in the late seventies and spread across the cannabis world to the Southeast Asian herb. In the sunshine, enjoy this strain as it gives great effects.
Thai GirlStrain Specifications

Flavor and Effects of Thai Girl

Thai Girl gives the citrus, skunk, sour, and tropical flavor. This strain is best to lift one’s mood and make you happier. It’s also good to make you feel relaxed and make you sleep well. Creativity and sociable character would be heightened.

Medical Benefits of Thai Girl

This strain will be used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. This is also used to relieve chronic pain, fatigue, and cramps.

Negative Effects of Thai Girl

Usage of this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry. Oftentimes, it will make you feel dizziness or paranoia.

Growing Thai Girl

This strain grows vigorously big under the sunny and Meditteranean-like climate, either indoor or outdoor. This strain performs well even affected by harsh weather conditions including heavy winds, heavy rains, and frost. But, in an area free of obstructions but shielded from pests, one should remember to grow this strain. Besides, the installation of a professional ventilation system would reduce air humidity and increase the flow of water. Through promoting lateral growth, it holds the plant small, weaving the branches into a net above the canopy. Through this mechanism, the main colas can be brought to the top so that it gets more harvest.