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Test1 Strain is a smooth and visually spectacular bud. The Strain was unique that there little information about it. It is a cross between a Pakistani landrace and Green Poison. The red and purple flowers burn with a musky, fruity flavor and induce a calm, well-balanced mindset.

Flavor and Effects of Test1 Strain

Test1 is sweet like ripened fruit but also tangy like citrus. This unique Strain also has a distinguishable earthy undertone. Upon taking the strain, it releases a very smooth smoke on the throat. In regular use, the beautiful effect begins with an ecstatic head high. Consumers often have mental clarity effect and increase sensitivity also follow the energizing rush throughout your body.

Medical Benefits of Test1 Strain

An Indica leaning herb, Test1 has muscle soothing and pain-relieving effects on the body. This cannabis can eliminate physiological discomforts like chronic pain, headaches, cramps, muscle strains, and spasms. After using this, Strain, users may feel the urge to eat as it aids the loss of appetite.

 Negative Effects of Test1 Strain

The side effects of Test1 are mild, and users may have dry eyes and mouth. It is suggested to drink water after the high. Other effects, however, may result in a minor headache or some slight dizziness. However, none of this is alarming, as it is just the typical effects of using strains.

 Growing Test1 Strain

Test1 is a natural plant that can grow at any time of the year. To induce the appearance of purple hues, growers will have to expose it to a colder temperature about 10C lower before the flowering phase begins.