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Tembo Kush

Tembo Kush

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This strain is well-balanced in indica and sativa and said to be the second of Signature Series by BUDS Pasco. Tembo Kush is created from crossing Durban Poison and OG Kush. As this strain’s parents give the mammoth-sized buds, yields, and THC level, then this strain also gives that and given the nickname €œelephant€ on to some people.

Flavor and Effects of Tembo Kush

This strain will allow you to enjoy the great taste after mixing the sweet, berry with the touch of fruit and wood.Tembo Kush strain gives a physically high effect that is good at sedating your limbs and dragging you so hard in the realm of sleepiness or relaxation. This is good to lift the atmosphere as well. It also unravels boldness and anxieties around social interaction.

Medical Benefits of Tembo Kush

Tembo Kush is an amazing remedy for treating continual pains like muscle spasms, headaches, or migraines. Also, this is exceptional in easing down anxiousness levels. Additionally, this is a superb treatment for sufferers who are showing signs or identified with depression. Thus, this is also exquisite to assist in managing stress.

Negative Effects of Tembo Kush

Whether this strain is ingested low or high, this will cause you to experience mouth and eyes dry. Occasionally, customers with too much use or inexperienced will experience dizziness, nausea, and anxiety.

Growing Tembo Kush

Indoor or in outdoor settings, this strain can be grown. The hydroponic set up is the best-advised strategy to implement. The dry and hotness climate has two settings. Growers have to make certain that growing this would be free from pests and common diseases. This strain should be given a guide on the stem as it buds may also grow extra and more and releases heavyweights that would break the strain.