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Tangier Chilly

Tangier Chilly

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A chilly feeling is best to expect upon consuming this strain. It is made by crossing Tangie x Larry OG x Pakistani by Mr. Mack’s Snacks. This strain is high in indica, and that is great to use in day or evening.

Flavor and Effects of Tangier Chilly

This strain will give the orange, sweet, citrus, and pine flavor. The combination of this strain will give you the feeling of an increase in euphoria, brings more laughter, and uplifts the spirit. Also, this strain is best on making you creative and sends more energy to the body, which will make you feel energetic. Furthermore, this strain is best on sending giggles and gives great relaxation feeling.

Medical Benefits of Tangier Chilly

This strain is highly recommended to tone down stress, depression, and insomnia. Also, this strain is a great remedy for relieving fatigue and chronic pain like muscle cramps or spasms, inflammation, and migraines or headaches.

Negative Effects of Tangier Chilly

Usage of this strain will make you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Occasionally, it gives dizziness or paranoia.

Growing Tangier Chilly

Tangier Chilly strain needs great care on growing this strain. Indoor or outdoor growing may be applied to the setting upon growing this. Also, the Mediterranean-like climate would give its best growth on the strain as it sends nutrients onto it. Soil as a medium is advised to use for a perfect result in aroma and flavor. Pampering this strain by trimming, giving adequate water and fertilizer would bring great yields and buds.

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