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Tangie Sunrise

Tangie Sunrise

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This strain is mostly composed of sativa from the crossed genes of Jack Herer and Orange Crush by the Palomar Craft Cannabis. Tangie Sunrise is like a freshly squeezed orange juice in cannabis form, and that’s great to use during the day.

Flavor and Effects of Tangie Sunrise

The orange juice has a taste with the sweet and citrus touches partnered with diesel and woody touches. This strain has got the flavor. Taking this strain will give a rise in happiness, feels euphoric, sends giggles, and makes you feel tingle. Also, this strain is best on elevating one’s mood and also gets you in a state of being relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Tangie Sunrise

The rays and beauty of sunrise that satisfy the eyes and heart can also be felt on taking this strain. Tangie Sunrise is a strain that’s great in healing anxiety, stress, depression, and mood swings. Furthermore, this strain will cure any type of fatigue.

Negative Effects of Tangie Sunrise

Taking this strain will make your eyes and mouth dry, head in spinning and sometimes aching, and feeling nauseous.

Growing Tangie Sunrise

Living up to its name, this strain is best to cultivate in a place where the heat from the sun would hit the strain. It can be either indoor or outdoor. Thus, this strain needs to have the proper amount of lighting, humidity, temperature, and water needed to bring the best yields, buds, and height. Additionally, growers who wanted to cultivate this strain should use soil as a medium.

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