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Tangie Cookies

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Tangie Cookies by Elev8 Seeds is an easy decision cross of astounding hereditary qualities. Made by breeding Tangie and GSC Thin Mint, this thick, resinous bud portrays a boisterous orange strip fragrance. This strain is somewhat fiery, offering an abundant harvest throughout the 10-week blossoming cycle. This strain is amazingly strong that its terpene profile can reach up to 3-5%. Be delighted with the uplifting and stimulating effect brought by this strain along with some companions in taking advantage of this delightful flower. The fragrance is extremely sweet with an earthy citrus tone that rapidly becomes rich sour menthol as the nugs are broken separated and consumed.

Flavor and Effects of Tangie Cookies

The flavors of Tangie Cookies are citrus, creamy, menthol, sour, and sweet. Tangie Cookies cannabis strain’s high is a fast impact of euphoric shivers that develop your satisfaction and jazzed side. The experience leaves you feeling exceptionally positive and lively. It is an extraordinary strain to contribute to your companions for morning or evening events. It comes on quick and hard with obvious lifted impacts that induce you with cheerful vitality and wide imagination. You’ll feel euphoric and inspired as you handle every single thing on your plan for the day without even taking a break for resting. Consuming Tangie Cookies will host the user’s mood. It can give an innovative urge and awaken the creative mind. It is powerful and can achieve the happiness that will set off a sensation of delight. It can make an individual’s vibe more joyful and giggly.

Medical Benefits of Tangie Cookies

The impacts of Tangie Cookies should put it on the radar of the individuals who are hoping to reduce emotional issues and anxiety. Tangie Cookies is frequently picked to treat conditions, for example, chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, headaches or migraines, and chronic stress. It is exceptionally anti-inflammatory and is also antispasmodic.

Negative Effects of Tangie Cookies

Due to the high THC level, beginners may encounter a sensation of being overpowered with trance or daze. It can cause elevated paranoia or anxiety. Drowsiness may also occur to the users consuming Tangie Cookies. The usual side effects of consuming cannabis, such as cottonmouth and dry and irritating eyes, may absolutely happen. These can be avoided by toking fewer dosages and keeping yourself hydrated.

Growing Tangie Cookies

This marijuana plant requires appropriate consideration for sativa types. It is a substantial yielder, and cultivators would profit by catering to its needs, such as usage of methods like stalking and other more. This bud has cushioned popcorn-molded minty green nugs with brilliant orange hairs and a thick chilly covering of little splendid crystal trichomes.

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