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This sativa-dominant hybrid is created by the Colorado Seed Inc. that comes from the genetics of crossed Tangerine Sunrise and Gorkle (The Fork x Rebel God Smoke). This strain is way different from Tangelo Kush, so users must, or growers, must not be confused. Hence, this strain is best for beginners with its moderate potent. The neon green spade-shaped nugs with amber hairs covered in a blanket of crystal trichomes this strain will give in appearance.

Flavor and Effects of Tangelo

Tangelo gives the heavy orange touch with sweet and grapefruit taste with sour and citrus undertones. Taking this strain will give a cerebral buzz, which is great on sedating the mind and body. An increase in euphoria would be highly present, which then automatically sends the happiness to consumers. Furthermore, it gives the giggle that would stir more laughter.

Being or having an appointment where it needs to socialize on to different types of people would now come in handy upon taking this strain. This strain will help to take away the shy feeling and gives you the guts to communicate with people. Thus, this also sends a luring potion to lay on a couch or bed where relaxation is the next hind and would now send in deep, peaceful sleep.

Medical Benefits of Tangelo

Moods that won’t stay for long in the same genre and keeps on changing in ashort time that would cause stress on how to handle and overcome it would be solved by taking this strain. Hence, this strain draws chemicals in the mind that gives more weight to good and positive thoughts. Moreover, people who are showing symptoms of being diagnosed with depression will be now healed.

The anxiousness that keeps on knocking the mind would lose its presence upon taking this strain. Additionally, bodily pains or any kind of chronic pain would be eased by this strain. Muscle cramps or spasms would be relieved of this. Pain from the inflammation would also tone down as taking this strain.
Negative Effects of Tangelo

Low, average, or high consumption, novice consumers, or seasoned consumers, upon taking this strain, will give the drying of mouth and eyes. Hence, novice consumers, too much consumption of this would give dizziness, headache, and paranoia.

Growing Tangelo

Tangelo hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoor. If grown indoors, the best method to use is the Screen or Sea of Green (SOG) to achieve cleaner buds. If grown outdoors, an environment where no pests, disease, and even pets should harm the plants as it will kill the plant. In general, the warm climate should the plant be exposed to great growth in height and yields. Growers may also add some fertilizers to give more nutrients to plants that would help on faster-growing.