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Tachllta Till

Tachllta Till

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This indica-dominant hybrid is from the Seach Medical Cannabis Group, which crosses the genetics of Skunk #1 and Sharks Breath. Tachllta Till hybrid is best to use during the night.

Flavor and Effects of Tachllta Till

The taste of soil and earthy touches together with a herbal taste this strain will give you on its flavor. This strain provides you high energy, which kills all your worries and discomforts. Taking this would awaken your mind and a perfect time to use its creative works. This strain is good for bringing you focus on whatever you are doing.

Medical Benefits of Tachllta Till

This hybrid will heal mental conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression as this sends some chemicals in mind to navigate all the bad thoughts and replace it with a good one. Also, this strain is best on easing pains like muscle cramps or spasms, inflammation, and any type of fatigue.

Negative Effects of Tachllta Till

Whether you’re a novice user or a seasoned one, this strain will give the feeling of drying the eyes and mouth. Also, if you are a novice user or when the dosage is way too high, then dizziness, headache, or paranoia may be experienced.

Growing Tachllta Till

Growers who wanted to cultivate this strain should have a warm climate in the environment. Either indoor or outdoor setting is right on this strain. Thus, growers may use organic fertilizer to help it grow best. Additionally, it is advised that the grower should use soil as a medium to grow this.