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Sweet  Sour Cindy

Sweet & Sour Cindy

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The contrasting taste of this strain is created by crossing the genetics of Sweet Cindy and Sour Bubble by the BOG Seeds. This strain resulted in being an indica-dominant that’s best for first-time users who wanted a new treat with too much potent.

Flavor and Effects ofSweet & Sour Cindy

Contrasting taste of sugary, grapefruit, orange, sweet with citrus, and sour flavor that would induce you to want more this strain gives. The feeling of body high highly penetrates and then comes out to increase euphoria, which elevates happiness. Thus, this gives the vibes of wanting to keep relaxation and lull you in a deep, peaceful sleep.

Medical Benefits ofSweet & Sour Cindy

Overcoming from all sorts of conditions is quite hard today. Hence, this strain would introduce you as a medication for stress, depression, and anxiety. Bodily pains like chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms would be eased down as to take this strain and with exact dosage.

Negative Effects of Sweet & Sour Cindy

The drying of your mouth and eyes may be highly felt upon taking this strain. Hence, new users or indulgence on this would give anxiousness and headache.

GrowingSweet & Sour Cindy

Growing this strain can be on an indoor or outdoor setting. Indoor growing this strain would best to set up on Sea of Green (SOG) method for cleaner buds. Outdoor growing, this would best to have a sunny climate. Overall, this strain should be exposed to the soil as a medium and exact water to penetrate the strain.