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Sweet Skunk

Sweet Skunk

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This strain was originally developed by Spice of Life Seeds in the year 1994. The pairing of Skunk and Northern Lights which are opposites created this potent hybrid strain. Users at all levels should be careful about their dosages due to its potency. It offers strong cerebral buzz and mid-level body relaxation, and they’re long-lasting. It carries skunky flavor yet tasty. It is also used to make numerous hybrids and other crossbreeds.

It can be used during the day or in the evening time. It is known to extinguish ache and pain, so it’s not only for recreational purposes, but it’s valuable in medication. It has lumpy, pepper-shaped buds with pale golden color. Bright orange pistils scattered all over them, and there’s a coating of amber-colored crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Skunk

It has a smell that can be pungent at times with a citrusy, spicy, and piney with chemical-filled aftertaste envelop the room. The effect of this strain starts with euphoric buzz that carries on with such bliss. It leaves the consumers happy with unfocused creativity. You can expect that its potency is powerful. The surge of energy that you need to conquer your day comes in.

However, the amount of energy may not be fruitful when the cerebral effect will interfere, and you won’t know what you’re up to. Its effects include uncontrollable giggles too.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Skunk

It works well as a pain reliever, so it is administered to conditions like chronic stress, chronic pain, migraines, and headaches. It can also correct and enhance sleeping patterns for those who suffer from insomnia. Some patients lose their appetite because of some treatments and diseases, so this strain makes a difference provoking hunger into their system.

Negative Effects of Sweet Skunk

Smoking marijuana causes dry eyes and cottonmouth feel. Smokers need to hydrate themselves to cast dryness away. They need to have water or fluids near them while smoking. The potency of this strain shouldn’t be taken as a joke even with advanced smokers. Overdosage may cause paranoia and hyperactivity among users.

Growing Sweet Skunk

This breed is easy to grow, so it can be handled by both beginners and advanced growers. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors or in the greenhouse. You can see that it will stretch prominently in 4 weeks period when it’s planted indoors. It can be outdoors within a warm climate. A greenhouse will come to the rescue if it gets too hot for the plant.

Pruning is a necessary step in growing this strain as it is considered a wide-style plant. Air and circulation are important factors to be considered, and they should be fairly distributed to the entire plant. The flowering period is within 10 – 14 weeks, so growers should be patient in waiting for its yield.

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