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Sweet Pure CBD

Sweet Pure CBD

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This sativa-dominant strain is breed by the Sweet Seeds, which is very first pure in CBD. This strain’s high level of CBD will satisfy therapeutic users and greatly avoids psychoactive effects. Sweet Pure CBD comes from two generations of auto pollination (S2) with genetics from the Diesel family.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Pure CBD

The sweet taste with the hint of fruity and cypress tone this strain will give. Consumption of this will give you a relaxing feeling that will improve your sleep. This strain weighs more on sending clarity on the mind, which won’t haze your thoughts.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Pure CBD

Sweet Puree CBD will give you its remedy for reducing anxiety and depression. It gives the warming feeling in both the brain and body. Also, this strain is best in reducing seizures with people who are epileptic. Soothing pain and inflammation and improving heart health condition this strain will also give. Furthermore, this improves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Negative Effects of Sweet Pure CBD

Novice users or season users would experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Hence, novice users are likely to experience dizziness and headache.

GrowingSweet Pure CBD

This strain would surely give its best yield in warm and Mediterranean-like when being indulged too. Hence, this can be grown indoors or outdoor. Thus, if grown indoors, this strain needs trimming to cut some rooted parts (if plausibly happens). Also, this needs proper lighting and water to achieve the desired flavor and fragrance