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Sweet Pink

Sweet Pink

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This is a fruity strain that was completed by putting F4 Blueberry and Pink Champagne together. It has a bubblegum flavor that gives its users a high complete with bliss that makes them feel they’re floating with those soft, fluffy clouds. It also activates hunger, so you might want to have some munchies beside you when having this strain. This is one of the rare strains that connoisseurs look forward to having. The smell and flavor would remind you of bubblegum.

It produces lovely buds in violet that seem to lit up. There are orange hairs on them and coated with a layer of snowy trichomes. This strain is converted into concentrate, and it is sold as pre-rolled. Its THC level tends to fluctuate as it will all depend on the cultivation methods and curing process.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Pink

The flavor and scent are similar, which are like grape bubble gum, or it can be described as a blend of berries and floral tones. It’s less obvious on the exhale as it has a few earthy undertones. It gives spacey but blissful high, and as you take longer hits, it then switches to a mellow body high. It melts stress and tension that give discomfort to the body and trouble the mind.

This strain can heighten energy, creativity, and even arousal. Some smokers experience the demands of hunger, so you’ll be searching for food while smoking this strain. Then you can have the relaxation that you need to ease things out.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Pink

You can either smoke this strain or use its concentrate to soothe tired muscles. It renders remedial services to mental conditions such as stress, depression, and fatigue. Both physical and mental issues can be managed by this strain. This can also be recommended for those who have appetite loss from some diseases or cancer patients who got side effects from treatments.

Negative Effects of Sweet Pink

All strains would give the adverse reaction of dehydration, so smokers get cottonmouth feel and dry, irritated eyes. Drinking a lot of water will help to get rid of them. People with low tolerance should be careful about the dose to avoid any pronounced side effects.

Growing Sweet Pink

You might want to add this breed in your garden as it’s colorful. The temperature has something to do with the color pattern. They are made when it’s cool, so growers should take note of the specified temperature. To maximize the hues in your strain, 24 – 27 degrees Celsius is fine during warm days, and 18 – 21 degrees Celsius is the standard for cool, comfortable nights. This can be observed indoors and outdoors.

Direct light and PH level can also contribute to intensifying the color. These factors may have different effects on various breeds. So growers should consider providing different PH ranges so they can see the final color that they want for their bud.