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Sweet Pebbles

Sweet Pebbles

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Like the pebbles, this won’t give tiny effects; hence, the stoney one would be more felt. This indica-dominant hybrid is created by crossing the genetics of Fruity Pebbles and Sour Peebles by the Fire Bros. in Washington.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Pebbles

The blueberry, citrus, fruity, sweet, and sugary fantastic combination of this taste this strain will give the flavor that will let you savor. Increase in euphoria this strain will initially give then draws you now in more laughter and happiness. Your creativity would be highly tapped and raised to another level. Also, this will help you achieve to stay and keep focus.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Pebbles

This strain will be a perfect remedy for stress. Also, this is great on relieving pain, easing muscle spasms, and lowering down inflammation. Additionally, this strain is best on patients who lack in their appetite. This gives much to raise to the fondness of taking meals every day.

Negative Effects of Sweet Pebbles

In low or high use of this strain, this will make your eyes and mouth dry. But, too much use of this will make your head screaming in pain and dizziness.

Growing Sweet Pebbles

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoor. This strain can withstand any problems caused by moisture in the air and the common molds and mildew. The climate should be observed as this strain reaches the flowering period. The temperature should be between 18°C and 26°C as too much hotness on the temperature would slow down its height, resin growth, and may take away strains fragrance and flavor.

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