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Sweet Harlem Diesel

Sweet Harlem Diesel

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The crossing of European and American genetics by the Sumo Seeds gives a sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain’s first cross is from the genetics of Old Afghani with Honey Rock (Super Widows x Swazi Poison). Then it was cross again the renowned US cut, which is the Sour Diesel with the Sweet Afghani. Hence, this strain is an award-winner at the 2017 Balearic Cup that wins the 3rd prize for Indoor.

Flavor and Effects ofSweet Harlem Diesel

By its name, this strain gives the sweet and sour tastes with citrus and diesel touch as the flavor. Using this strain will bring your spirit in high waves, which will create happiness. As this increases euphoria, the feeling of creativity may kick in. Thus, this strain will make you feel aroused as it increases libido.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Harlem Diesel

This strain can be a perfect medication for conditions like stress and depression. Hence, it gives clarity on the mind, which will help you in overcoming it. Also, this strain is best on curing chronic pain, eases fatigue, and tones down muscle cramps.

Negative Effects of Sweet Harlem Diesel

Consumption of this Sweet Harlem Diesel may let you experience the drying of both eyes and mouth. Sometimes, it may let you experience dizziness, headache, and anxiousness.

Growing Sweet Harlem Diesel

This strain is highly mold-resistant, which is a great characteristic that will help the growers in either indoor or outdoor cultivation. Thus, this strain should be exposed to a warm and sunny climate. Growers should use and prepare some odor control as this strain gives a pungent odor.