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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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It’s the strain for tranquilizing physical buzz and sleepiness made by BC Bud Depot, a breeder based in Vancouver. It’s a cross between Californian Big Bud and K.C. 606. It will take you to Dreamland after few hours that you took the first toke. So you don’t have to worry about sleeping disorders because you’ve got your nighttime bud. Solid sleep is essential in having a clear perspective for the following day.

It grows medium, bright green buds that are topped with amber hairs and trichomes in a light color. If you’re looking for a strain that can deal with physical discomfort and mental issues, this one can resolve those problems.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Dreams

The aroma of this strain is almost skunky, with a straightforward scent of berries. It has an earthy taste, and there’s citrusy flavor in the smoke. The gentle rush of euphoria gets into your system after 15 minutes of the first puff. It gently warms the mind and uplifts the mood at the same time.

Users have a big smile on their faces as they exclusively think about fun memories and happy thoughts. Tingly sensations wrap the entire body and in every muscle fiber to induce deep relaxation. Consumers would find it hard to fight the drooping of their eye as they fall asleep. It’s no wonder that its name is Sweet Dreams.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Dreams

Patients would get a lot of benefits from this strain. With the high content of cortisol, it produces dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone. It is the basis why it can ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, PTSD and even a long term depression. In the physical aspect, it can lower the infliction of pain or aches and discomforts like cases of exhaustion and fatigue. It is effective as it can reboot and refresh your system after a long and deep sleep.

Negative Effects of Sweet Dreams

This strain dries out the eyes and mouth, which commonly occurs after smoking any kind of strain. It should be taken in moderation. The dosage that exceeds your tolerance may bring temporary headaches, dizziness, and anxiety.

Growing Sweet Dreams

This strain grows into a sturdy plant with thick branches and stalks. So beginners are fine to grow this strain. It is known that this strain grows well in the Northern hemisphere as it prefers a cool climate. But still, growers should provide temporary shelter for this when the frost comes. It can kill the plant overnight.

Soil medium is fine because it doubles the buds, while hydroponics enhances the terpene profile. Sea of Green set up is good for this strain. Due to its dense foliage, you must keep an eye on the manifestation of molds and mildew.