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Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream

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The union of Al’s Dream and Gupta Kush created this hybrid and powerhouse strain with heady stimulation and potency that can contribute to medical scenarios. It was purposely made to impress consumers. It’s the idea of Colorado Seeds Inc. This strain is commonly recommended for medical marijuana patients who need relaxation and a stress-free body. It will be their guide to attain a good night’s sleep in the right dosage.

It has flowers that bloom from small to medium size in a bullet-like form. It has leaves that look typically dense and Indica structure. They’re in the shade of olive green with orange and brown pistils. White translucent trichomes cover them, and they become very sticky in an icy sheen.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Dream

The aroma exudes with fruity blueberry notes, and there are also underlying muskiness and earthiness to it. Woodsy notes of pine arise after the buds are crushed. Its exceptional flavor of floral and berries is smooth with citrus and earthy presence on the exhale. It can make some smokers cringe as the high slowly engulfs your mind, and it uplifts you to a relaxing, cerebral stone. There will be hazy visions, and you can’t have a clear focus.

However, users’ capability to analyze can be improved to handle things that seem uninteresting. It can also fuel social skills. While the mind falls into the deep, the body will also settle in a calm and relaxing state. It also prompts sexual arousal.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Dream

Patients who are deprived of their appetite because of some diseases or harsh treatments for cancer can depend on this strain to get back their hunger for food. It can inhibit troubling symptoms of depression and stress. It can let the tremors and worries dissipate. It also has abilities to undermine nerve-based and chronic pain like nausea and headache that may happen daily.

Negative Effects of Sweet Dream

Irritated eyes and dry mouth are minor adverse reactions of this strain, and they are always expected when smoking marijuana. The simple solution is to drink a lot of water. Be responsible for the dosage. Beginners with low tolerance may be overwhelmed. Paranoia would strike to those who are prone to panic.

Growing Sweet Dream

Those who are interested in cultivating this weed can secure clippings from a mature, healthy plant. They must be from a reliable source like the breeder of this strain, Colorado Seed. It’s a good cutting when there’s a section of a stem and a single growth tip. The latter is important as it will be the foundation of the plant’s upper part.

This strain can thrive both outdoors and indoors. It grows into a bushy and short plant. Growers should trim any broad leaves that can hinder air and light from getting into the lower nodes of the plant.