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Sweet Cindy

Sweet Cindy

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The sativa-dominant hybrid goes well on results as it crosses three strains, which are Sweet Tooth #3, Cinderella 99, and BOG Bubble. Created by the BOG Seeds is a strain that gives extravagant effects. Sweet Cindy is a strain that is great for novices who don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Cindy

This strain will give the sweet and fruity taste with the touches of sour, citrus, and lemon bathed in herbal undertone’s flavor. This sends cerebral buzz, which then resulted in giggle in both mind and limbs. The giggle in mind would be now transformed into a feeling of happiness and giggles in the body with making your limbs more energize. Thus, you can take this strain if you wanted to finish some tasks. Also, this gives a relaxing feeling and makes you more sociable.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Cindy

Patients who are showing symptoms or even diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and depression should take this strain as a remedy for it. Hence, this is also good for curing stress. Chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms would be not present anymore as this strain chills down the elevating pain patients have suffered.

Negative Effects of Sweet Cindy

In low or high using of this strain will make you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Thus, too much indulge or first-time users, or this may experience headaches and may elevate laziness.

Growing Sweet Cindy

In pure soil, whether indoor or outdoor, this strain would be best to cultivate. The hot, humid, and sunny climate this strain can give its best growth and potency.

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