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Sweet Berry

Sweet Berry

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Created from the two flavorful powerhouses Chernobyl and Blueberry are the well-balanced strain. Its name is Sweet Berry and breed at the Northern California Hillberry Farms. In spite of the differences from the parents, it passed down a well-profile with great terpenes to the child.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet Berry

This strain will give the apple, blueberry, citrus, lemon, and lime taste with the touch of chemical tones as the flavor. Consumption of this strain will uplift the mood and gives you happiness as it increases the euphoric level. This strain will stir your mind and will unravel creativity. Thus, this introduces a great relaxation that won’t make you feel lazy at all.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Berry

Sweet Berry hybrid gives the sweet remedy on conditions like spasticity and stress. Hence, it can also address and ease fatigue and relieves pain.

Negative Effects of Sweet Berry

Taking this strain would deliver your mouth and eyes in dryness. Occasionally, anxiousness and paranoia may be experienced.

Growing Sweet Berry

Indoor or outdoor cultivation of this strain is plausible. Growers should cultivate this strain in a warm and sunny climate, which will give the best height. In a controlled environment, this strain gives its best yield. Thus, this strain needs to be exposed to cool temperatures once the flowering stage began. Also, this should be grown in a place where no pests or diseases may penetrate.

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