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Sweet and Sour Widow

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Sweet and Sour Widow is coming from Barcelona’s CBD Crew. Their goal was to create a CBD upgraded version of White Widow by crossing the plant with another unknown strain. In trichomes, the buds are drenched.

Flavor and Effects of Sweet and Sour Widow

This strain brings sweet, onion, spicy, peppery, earthy, and sour flavors. It may take some time to manifest its initial onset, but when it does, it begins with an uplifting rush that slowly intensifies with each puff until it clears the mind. So you stay focused throughout the day with a renewed sense of motivation. But rather than sending you off to dreamland right away, the body buzz relaxes stiffness and frees tension away.

Medical Benefits of Sweet and Sour Widow

As if you hadn’t guessed before, this strain’s CBD levels make it a prime choice to ease a range of medical problems. Sweet and Sour Widow is your gal, from stress and depression to chronic pain or occasional problems. This bud can also help with fatigue and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Sweet and Sour Widow

There is always a chance of a cottonmouth with marijuana use, so dry eyes. Although rare, you may be greened out by Sweet and Sour Widow. Either dizziness or headache and a subtle feeling of paranoia may characterize by the strain.

Growing Sweet and Sour Widow

Indoors or outdoors, and in a warm and humid climate, this strain must be grown. Thus, it may need to be trimmed and topped early as the plant can hamper its growth by poor air or light circulation. Aspiring growers, therefore, need to use germination techniques such as presoaking to increase the chances of producing females filled with calyx. Although it is also an alternative to plant more seeds. The use of Low-Stress Training will stop the female plant from becoming a hermaphrodite.