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Supersonic Cristal Storm

Supersonic Cristal Storm

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The Supersonic Cristal Storm cannabis strain is a Sativa prevailing hybrid and an auto-flowering type. A sweet aroma can be smelled when you break the buds of this marijuana. Crossing the Lowryder with the Black Domina is the genetic lineage of this bud. Breeders are from the Samsara Seeds. An intensifying potency will hit you the moment you take this bud.

Flavor and Effects of Supersonic Cristal Storm

The flavors of this bud are woody and fruity. A soft mellow or some ballad music will suit the moment you take this marijuana, as this lets you enjoy the tranquil activities. The elation of the euphoria kicks in the washes away bad moods and thoughts.

Medical Benefits of Supersonic Cristal Storm

The desensitizing property of this bud is how it numbs the throbbing feeling you are experiencing. It calms your insides by taking out depression, stress, and bipolar disorder. It helps you to take in more meals as this kills away appetite loss and nausea.

Negative Effects of Supersonic Cristal Storm

If you are a novice user, you need to use this within your resilience level to only rear dry eyes and dry mouth that are the two typical reactions when utilizing cannabis. If you want to increase the dosage, then don’t do it abruptly as doing it can trigger paranoia.

Growing Supersonic Cristal Storm

This bud thrives in a warm area with no hints of pests and spider-mites. A cold room may not be the best climate on this plant, as this does not flourish well on it. Henceforth, this flourishes best in the warm climate. A dry or summer season would be the best time.

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