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This strain that hails from Amsterdam was formerly called Chronic. Marley had quoted something about this strain, which is €˜When you smoke the herbs, it reveals to yourself.’ It has minty buds with orange hair and bright green leaves, which are blanketed by resinous crystals. It’s been a favorite of smokers as this strain was seen and heard in raps, songs, and articles.

Flavor and Effects of Supernova

This strain lets its smokers sniff its sugar and musk aroma and taste its sweet and savory caramel flavor. This classic weed brings introspective and relaxed high as happiness fills up the users. It can also take consumers in a meditative state while it boosts creativity.

Medical Benefits of Supernova

It can stimulate hunger for those who have appetite loss or eating disorders. Mood disorders like depression and stress are pacified by this strain. The sedative effect relieves chronic pain and headache. It gives a helping hand to people with insomnia for a good rest and sleep.

Negative Effects of Supernova

Eyes and mouth become dry when smoking marijuana, so hydration is the solution for this. This must not be given to people with conditions that depend on CBD because the content in this strain is unmeasured.

Growing Supernova

All growers, even the novice ones, are entitled to cultivate this strain as it’s easy, and it has quick flowering time. This breed is not immune to mold or pests, but it doesn’t easily get them. But it’s best to have precautions by making sure the plants stay dry, and they have good light and air circulation,