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Supermax OG

Supermax OG

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It delivers effects that are expected from OG variety like fast-acting euphoria, which most enthusiasts hold dear. It leans more on the Indica side as its relaxing effect is proof. A few puffs will make your face bright with a smile. It produces heavy buds with a blanket of sticky, crystal trichomes. It doesn’t only favor growers of its high yield but patients as well who seek remedy for their health issues.

Flavor and Effects of Supermax OG

It releases dank and pungent aroma accompanied by earthy pine overtone. The flavor has a punch of sweet lemon supported by sweet spices and earthy kush. The high hits right off the bat, and the user gets into euphoric mood as happiness increases. It also takes users to deep relaxation without being couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Supermax OG

It relieves pain that comes from migraines, headaches, eye pressure, glaucoma, and backaches. Patients under the torment of negativities are aided by this strain. Once taken in a low dose every day, anxiety, being nervous, and stress is wiped away.

Negative Effects of Supermax OG

Eyes and mouths will feel dry and itchy as this is a common side effect of smoking marijuana. Some smokers may experience headaches, anxiety, and dizziness. To avoid all of this, keep yourself hydrated.

Growing Supermax OG

This strain if for everyone to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. Novice growers can hone their skills and start their journey on planting Cannabis with this breed. It is a crucial thing that it’s away from the frost even though the plant is resistant to common diseases and pests

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