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Seedism Seeds achieved the completion of this hybrid strain by mixing Afghani and Northern Lights. It is a heavy hitter strain that would leave you immovable and couch-lock. It would knock you down once you overindulge. But it goes with amazing relaxation with its thick and chunky flowers. It got the third place at the High Time Cannabis Cups in 2016 for its excellent balance of THC and CBD.

Flavor and Effects of Superglue

It bears skunky, sweet, and sour odor, and it tastes woodsy when you smoke it. The exhale is earthy, and the high takes you to euphoria. It boosts energy and happiness, but it’s not to the point that you’ll be able to do a lot of things. Deep relaxation will envelop your body and makes you calm and lazy at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Superglue

This strain is life-changing for those who suffer from various pains, tremors and muscle spasms. The physical effect slows down the symptoms as well as giving a good sleep for those who have insomnia. Stress, depression, and anxiety are also tackled by this strain.

Negative Effects of Superglue

Cottonmouth feels, and dry, irritated eyes are the adverse reactions smokers get from this strain.

Growing Superglue

This breed can be grown by cloning, so interested growers should secure some clippings of it. It can flourish both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Growers should know about planting strain as this plant is grown in medium difficulty, and it’s susceptible to molds. Good light and air circulation are needed indoors, and when it’s planted outdoors, you need to shake the buds or get a fan for it, so they don’t sit cold and wet.

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