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Super Sour Skunk

Super Sour Skunk

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This hybrid strain gives smokers high-flying effects. Hortilab Seeds is responsible for the making of this breed by adding East Coast Sour Diesel to Super Skunk. It is famed for its smell, which it inherited from its parents and it’s the perfect classic combination. It’s one of the favorites among Skunk family lovers. This strain is used for recreational purposes as well as a medical aid.

Flavor and Effects of Super Sour Skunk

Its distinct aroma quality is being skunky and earthy, along with a sharp tone of diesel. The flavor stings your tongue with an earthy lemon taste, but the aftertaste is a mellow hint of lemon. It gives uplifted, euphoric effects in a short period as it is balanced with mind and body relief. It leaves consumers happy and giggling as they possess energetic creativity.

Medical Benefits of Super Sour Skunk

It is mainly given to patients who are under treatment of chronic and severe pain as it works in reducing backaches, muscle spasms, and headaches. It also helps in correcting the sleeping cycle for those who struggle with insomnia.

Negative Effects of Super Sour Skunk

It’s advisable to take this strain in a low dose as there are some unwanted adverse effects like feeling jittery and nervous at times. Hydration is necessary when smoking strain to avoid feeling parched.

Growing Super Sour Skunk

Any growers can grow this weed as it’s an easy process. It is highly resistant to molds, pests, and common diseases. This plant can grow outdoors and indoors. You may want to get a smell proof system as it is pungent.

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