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Super Skunk

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This strain was created by cross-breeding Skunk #1 and shiva skunk. It is an indica dominant strain whose origin can be traced to the famous breeder, Sensi Seeds. It has an Afghani descent, which gave it great medicinal potency, flavour, and weight.

Most of the features of this strain, like its aromas, stem size and the type of smoke it produces is attributed to its skunk lineage. Its skunky aroma with a semblance of white and black woodland creature has the scent of cheese or fungus under-side of a rock. It has creamy smoke with a sweet aftertaste. It has hues of mossy green and brown with an orange undertone. This strain has dense buds with white trichomes. It has strong buds which, when ground and combusted, produces soil-like smoke.

Flavor and Effects of the Super Skunk

The effects of the Super Skunk hybrid are immediately felt after your first exhale, leaving with an unforgettable satisfaction. It will leave you with a sharp and scintillating euphoric experience making you forget your present sorrow.

This hybrid will present you with mental energy while keeping the cerebral kick from over-stimulation. It will offer you relaxed, uplifted, and energetic effects needed for the days’ activities. The Blueberry Headband will help you stay focused and concentrated while making sure that you stay creative for the rest of the day.

Medical Benefits of Super Skunk

People suffering from anxiety, attention deficit disorders, vomiting, post-chemotherapy effects, and aches will appreciate this strain. The Super Skunk helps in the treatment of arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea. It is effective in the management of mild to moderate stress, seasonal and non-seasonal depression and patients with zero tolerance to panic will also find this hybrid very useful as well.

Negative Effects of Super Skunk

The Super Skunk strain can cause headache, dry, itchy eyes, development of paranoia and dry mouth. An overdose intake of this strain can also cause dizziness, fever, high blood pressure, restlessness, and mild paralysis.

Growing Super Skunk

The Super Skunk strain grows very fast and its growing method is difficult. If you are planning to grow this strain soon, you might as well consult those who have planted the strain in the past for the hybrid’s growing information and assistance. Starting from the first to the fourth week of growing this strain, weekly trimming is recommendable.

Good lighting, normal humidity and soil pH-level are necessary for the improved yield of this strain. A special type of fertilizer may be applied to improve the maximum growth and yield of this strain. Daily watering is recommended. Proper attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other herbivorous animals on the strain.