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Super Silver Lights

Super Silver Lights

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By combining Super Silver Haze and Northern Lights #5, this strain was created. It grows fluffy buds in the hue of light green with undertones of purple and pastel pink. They’re covered by white, frosty, crystal-like trichomes. It has uplifting onset that resides behind the eyes. It is the strain that you can use during the day or on a relaxing evening.

Flavor and Effects of Super Silver Lights

Floral and sweet earth build its aroma, and it is enhanced by strong menthol. The taste is filled with herbs, mint and earthy flavor. The effects seep into the body to create a cozy feeling to the users. The users also become giggly and fuzzy with an unfocused sense. Then it turns them a bit sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Super Silver Lights

It has mood-boosting that makes it quite helpful in dealing with mental conditions like bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic stress. It also handles physical issues like cramps, muscle spasm, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and migraine.

Negative Effects of Super Silver Lights

Itchy, dry eyes and cottonmouth feel will always be experienced when smoking the strain. Users should stay on the right dose as it may cause anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Super Silver Lights

In order to cultivate this strain well, one should be an experienced grower. Since they grow into a tall stature, its best to top them early. You may want to keep them short, especially if you don’t have much space. This weed can be flimsy too, so you may need to give them support. You can make use of strings or tomato cage for this matter.