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Super Jack

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Super Jack is a hybrid strain with a sativa dominant variety. It is also called the Super Jack Haze. The strain is the offspring of the two strains with the most recognized and famous qualities in the field of cannabis at least. The genetic parents of this strain are the Super Silver Haze strain and the Jack Herer strain.

The Super Jack strain has no identified breeder, therefore the specific details of the cannabis strain are ambiguous and conflicting. Regardless of this situation, the Super Jack strain has already earned reputation and status among regular consumers of cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Super Jack

The strain has become popular due to the aromatic and tasty characteristics it possesses. It begins with the onset of the sweet and buttery scent of the cannabis strain that is apparent and noticeable. Once ingested, the Super Jack strain gives off a similar sweetness and buttery taste but with the accompanying flavors of tropical fruits and fresh zest of pine. When the effects of the strain take over you, you may feel being uplifted and your mood suddenly improved significantly. Your vibes unexpectedly become energetic and you can gain more focus. It also enhances your socialization by making you more talkative and very much happy.

Medical Benefits of Super Jack

The Super Jack cannabis strain can easily deal with different types of medical conditions and illnesses. These conditions may include fighting off stress, exhaustion, and pain. It can also able to manage body discomfort with ease and can reduce significantly the occurrence of headaches and migraines. People dealing with depression and all sorts related to it can have the best solution by ingesting regularly this cannabis strain.

Negative Effects of Super Jack

Most commonly the Super Jack strain is able to make you feel some adverse reactions upon taking it. It can vary depending on the amount you consumed though. However, at a regulated rate, it can cause dryness of the mouth and eye. While if the percentage consumed goes beyond the regulated amount, it should be anticipated that the Super Jack will make you feel dizzy and paranoid. It has a high reported impact which can make you encounter anxiety.

Growing Super Jack

Regarding the proper growth and development of the strain, Super Jack the information and available facts are limited and often ambiguous. However, what is known is the Super Jack strain can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments setting. It prefers to thrive when grown in soil though.

It is important to note that the cannabis plant, Super Jack is not an easy and manageable plant to cultivate. Hence, the strain is not suitable for beginner growers who have limited knowledge and techniques regarding growing cannabis. The yield of this strain is very favorable and you will be surprised to see it for yourself by the end of the growing cycle.