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Super Green Crack

Super Green Crack

With a long list of cannabis plants, she was one of the well-known marijuana strains in 2016. Her name is Super Green Crack, a pure 100% Sativa cannabis that offers both potencies, rich flavor and aroma all in one plant. Super Green Crack is the daughter strain of Green Crack and Super Silver Haze. A product of Flash Seeds, this strain is highly suited for commercial use.

Flavor and Effects of Super Green Crack

Offering a unique profile of flavors, Super Green Crack has strong skunk and diesel in every smoke yet it is blended perfectly with blue cheese in a very pungent tone. She is pure energy! Super Green Crack gives a euphoric effect making you happy, energized, focused and happy at the same time.

Medical Benefits of Super Green Crack

It is an excellent choice for those struggling with depression since it heightens your mood for the day. She’s quite good at dealing with stress making it a buddy to complete your works and projects.

Negative Effects of Super Green Crack

The common adverse effects of Super Green Crack included cottonmouth and dry eyes. For those with a lower tolerance of THC and indica lovers, this weed will also bring a bit of paranoia, light-headedness, and jittering. A minimal amount is necessary.

Growing Super Green Crack Some information and Tips

One of those easiest to grow, Super Green Crack grows in an indoor and outdoor environment. Novice growers are welcome to give it some shot as with only €œbasics€ in growing marijuana, this cannabis plant promises a good yield.